Traditional Investments

Traditional Investments are those commonly referred to as stocks, bonds, and cash. Investors have the option of building their investment portfolio through individual issues or through investment management firms in the form of open-end mutual funds, closed-end mutual funds, exchange traded funds, unit investment trusts and more. When you hire us for portfolio management, we consider all factors including, but not limited to age, time horizon, risk tolerance, objectives, and fees to determine which investment options would be best suited for you.

As your financial advisor we can find the investments that will be best suited to meet your needs and goals. It is important that your Financial Planner or Investment Advisor is well versed in the pros and cons of the investment options that are available to you and that they can communicate the benefits of their recommendations. Diversified Wealth Management Solutions and Mark P. Alcorn, Jr., a Certified Financial Planner Professional™, are prepared to do just that. As a fully independent Register Investment Advisor, we act in complete autonomy and are not influenced by the policies and/or compensation structures of some of the mainstream firms. We are trained and experienced in investment management and ready to put your best interest first.

Our investment firm was created on the principles of treating others the way that we would want to be treated. This is why, when it comes to your financial portfolio we focus on providing you with the same level of care, competence and sound investment advice that we would want for ourselves.

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